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Network Security and Computer Data Security for businesses like yours throughout Orange County, Los Angeles County and Riverside County.


Think you can’t afford the security solution you need to protect your business from hackers, malware, and viruses? And, what about common accidents like lost laptops and flash drives?


With computer data protection that is designed to be cost effective, you can stop worrying and get the protection you need. Our cost-effective solutions for Wireless Network Security and Virus Removal give businesses like yours the confidence of knowing their networks and data are safe and sound.

With a secure and well planned strategy from LUCIOTECH, you'll benefit from:

Intruder Tracking - protect yourself from hackers and online predators.

Liability Disclosure - we find the possible faults in your network and show you how to repair them.

Virus Protection - protect your company from viruses like spyware and malware.

Secure User Entry Tools - including options for encryption, virtual private networks, and passwords.

LUCIOTECH security strategies provide an affordable solution custom fit for your business. Servicing Orange County, Los Angeles and Riverside County, we provide Wireless Network Security services with the option of a built-in flat rate cost that your budget will like.

No matter whether your business needs data protection services, network security, wireless network security, computer data security, spyware removal, network antivirus solution, or security management services, we're there to help.

The protection of your company's sensitive business systems and data is priceless.  Virus Removal, Spam Prevention, and Computer Data Protection are all services that go easy on your budget.

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